How it works?

The Website is a website for people to upload, browse, buy and sell photos taken during a running event. Everyone can browse the photos, however, user registration will be required if you need to upload, buy and sell the photos.

As a photographer

It begins with photographers capturing the moments during the event. Anyone with camera can be the photographer of the event. All the photos taken can be uploaded to for sale and earn a certain portion of the sales.

All thumbnail preview photos will be watermarked.

As a runner

The runners will browse the uploaded photos. If they found their photos and wish to obtain the original copy of the photo, they can purchase the digital copy of the photo.

In order to make the purchase, the runners will have to deposit credit to their account at The credit in the account will serve as a virtual wallet for the website.

Once credit is deposited, the runners will be able to purchase the photos. The credit will be deducted accordingly as per the cost of the photo.

As a beneficiary

It is part of the objectives of the website to give back to the local communities. All events posted should have a beneficiary. Any photo sold will contribute a certain portion of the sales to the beneficiary.

Checking the transactions

All the photographers, runners and beneficiaries will be able to check their credit transactions. Whenever a photo is sold, the transaction items will appear in the involved parties. From there, you will able to tell how is the credit being earned or deducted.

Withdrawing credit

All the website users are allowed to withdraw the credit balance in their accounts. If you earned enough credit as a photographer or unused credit as a runner, you are welcome to withdraw the balance. But, there is a minimum withdrawal amount.