For Photographer (Overview)

If you are planning to shoot for a running event or have taken some photos during an event, you are most welcome to upload, share and/or sell your photos on

We do not have any full-time photographer to cover any running event and we do not have the intention to do so. Our core focus is to build a marketplace platform for photographers and runners to use.

That is why we need support from you as a photographer to capture the moments during the race. You could earn commission for any successful photo sold.

All you need to do is to register an account with us and then find the running event you want to upload your photos to. If the event page is not listed, you may create a new event to be listed.

You are not able to set the price of the photo because it will be preset by or the race director of the event. The photo pricing and commission distribution ratio for each of the running events are different. Normally, the price and ratio are set after an agreement between and race director.

All the earning for the photo sold will be credited to your e-wallet in the moment. Once your credit reaches a minimum threshold of $50.00, you can make a withdrawal request. You are given the options to self-collect the payout or we can transfer the payout to your bank account in Brunei.