Photographer - FAQ

How do I upload photos?

Refer to this page for detailed instructions on how to do so.

How am I getting paid?

Once your credit in your e-wallet reaches the minimum threshold of $50.00, you can make a withdrawal request. It may take a few working days for your request to process. You will be notified once the payment is ready for collection.

Tagging the bib numbers for the photos are time consuming. Can this process be automated?

Unfortunately, our system does not scan the uploaded photos and tag the bib number automatically. The bib numbers tagging task has to be done manually by hand. For a smoother experience, we recommend you to use Adobe Lightroom to tag the bib number.

What is the maximum photo resolution I can upload?

There is no restriction on the photo resolution but the file size of the photo should not more than 10mb.

Can I use my own watermark on the photo thumbnail preview?

Yes, you can have your own watermark for your uploaded photos. However, your watermark will be subjected to approval. We may edit your watermark size and transparency as deemed fit. Please allow 2 to 3 working days for the approval.