Bib Number Tagging with Adobe Lightroom

Tired of tagging the bib numbers in the website?

We understand that the process of tagging the bib numbers in the website is a tedious work especially in a slow internet connection. A lost internet connection can result in reuploading and retagging everything again.

For a smoother experience, you are advised to pre-tag the bib number before uploading them to Pre-tagging the photos will allow the system to tag the photos automatically once they are uploaded.

To do so, you need to key-in the Bib Number in the IPTC Status Title field (Not headline, caption, tag, description fields and so on) of the photo while you are doing your photo editing work.

If the photo has more than one bib numbers, use "space" in between numbers for multiple tagging.

Adobe Lightroom is a great tool for tagging work. Screenshot below shows the title field in Adobe Lightroom.


In Adobe Lightroom, use "CTRL + (ARROW KEY)" to navigate between photos while tagging the bib number. Thus, you do not need to leave the textbox when you change to different photo.