For Runner (Overview)

After spending countless hours of training and preparing for your race, on the race day, you have finally crossed the finish line and achieve your personal goal. But you want something more memorable and have a sentimental value. Wouldn’t it be great if someone has captured your moment during your run? can help you save your moment in photo. serve as a marketplace for photographers to upload and share photos they have taken during the event. If you found and like your photo, you may want to consider to purchase the higher resolution photo from the photographers to appreciate their works and times.

However, we cannot guarantee that your photos will be captured during any running event. Sometimes, it is quite hard for a few photographers to take photos for hundreds or even thousands of runners during any particular event.

Please ensure the following are in order to increase the chance of your photo being taken.

  1. Your bib number is clearly visible on the front of your torso.
  2. Your bib number is pinned securely at all four corners.
  3. Your bib number is not covered by any items (i.e. water bottles, belts, jackets and so on).

Privacy removal of photo

We respect your privacy. If you wish your photos to be removed from the website, please let us know. But take note that, if your photos are shared with another runner, only your bib number will be removed from the search index. The image will still remain in the website. If you are the only person in the photo, that photo will be deleted permanently.