Runner - FAQ

How soon after a race are my photos available?

In short, typically the photos should be uploaded and available within 7 days after the race. We cannot promise on an exact timeline.

At the moment, we do not have a dedicated full-time photographer to cover the event. So far, photos are taken, edited and uploaded by volunteers and/or organiser’s photographers. Thus, we do not have the control over their operations.

Photos taken during the race normally will have to go through editing and bib number tagging process which is time consuming.

Nevertheless, we hope to improve the photos availability in the near future.

Meanwhile, please like our Facebook page to stay up to date and get notified once the photos are available.

How long do my photos stay on

There is no plan to remove aging photos from our server. Therefore, the photos will remain on until a further decision is made.

I have made the payment via Paypal but my e-Wallet credit does not increase. What’s wrong?

Rest assure. It is very likely the transaction has not fully complete. Normally, it happens when there is a lost of internet connectivity during the transaction or the connection was interrupted while the browser was redirecting back to

If such case occurs, you need to contact us with the Paypal unique transaction id and then, we will top-up your e-wallet credit based on your Paypal transaction amount or issue a refund.

I do not have a PayPal account, can I top-up my e-wallet credit by cash?

At this moment, we accept payment via PayPal only. Other payment methods (i.e. cash, direct bank-in & cheque) are not fully implemented into our operations yet. We are still improving gradually and we will keep you informed once other payment methods are ready.